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  • Jacqui K. Agins, LCSW, CT

What the heck does self-care mean anyway!?

Self-care has become a pervasive term in our everyday conversation. The chosen buzz word of the past several years. However, this two-syllable phrase is more complex than what meets the eye. There is an unspoken requirement to engage in it. Magazine articles and blog posts flaunt it. Influencers and celebrities allude to it in interviews. Yet, it still feels like an elusive and abstract unicorn at times.

Now is the moment I ask all readers to take a pause and engage in a deep breath. The good news is, there is NO uniform definition of self-care, because it looks different for everyone. There is no standard, best practice, or evidence-based formula to follow. I encourage you to wipe away visuals of cucumber eye covers, and terry-cloth robes and I invite you to turn inwards. Consider what nourishes you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, personally, and professionally…that my friends, is YOUR self-care!

Self-care is vital when you are grieving because let's face it, grief is a full time job. It has a tendency to infiltrate all of the areas mentioned above and may lead you to feeling burned out. The task of engaging in self-care can seem overwhelming or even a burden in the midst of grief. It is important to remember, that it is not just one more thing to add to the to-do list. Small acts of self-compassion throughout your routine can help restore depleted energy and provide the support you need while navigating difficult times. Start slowly by feeding your body, acknowledging and embracing the emotions that may arise, and giving yourself permission to move at your own pace.

Please share what you do for self-care in the comments. Perhaps you will inspire another reader to try something new! Check out this amazing graphic by Olga Phoenix to help guide you.

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1 Comment

Fran Kates
Fran Kates
Dec 14, 2021

knitting and cooking are something I do everyday for self-care...without even realizing that it makes me feel better no matter the day's events...

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